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Supporting people to build wisdom and connection for  a world in transformation.


About Catherine

For over 25 years I have supported people to better understand their work, organizations and themselves as part of a process of transforming our world.  Partnering with large foundations and NGOS, as well as smaller funds and social change organizations,  I contribute to initiatives in the fields of human and women’s rights, and human development more broadly.


I have a strong grounding in systems change and emergent approaches to change and building strategy, and draw on feminist values and principles, as well as wisdom traditions.


In 2010 I co-founded Action Evaluation Collaborative,  to provide participatory and utilization focused evaluation services.


Most recently, I have started offering individual coaching and small group facilitation,  to offer support to women and parents seeking to better understand themselves and their purpose.

My purpose and approach

I believe that change comes about through the ability and courage to look honestly and deeply at ourselves, our relationship with others, the world around us, and the roles we are playing.


I bring my years of experience facilitating conversations, harvesting learning and exploring individually and collectively the truths to move us toward new visions of justice, progress, and significance.


My approach merges careful understanding of clients core needs, with creative, inclusive and elegant strategies to surface the diversity of insights and wisdom that transformation requires. 



I bring a highly participatory, dynamic, relational approach to engagements to support transformational change, in the following areas:

Support of philanthropic and humanitarian efforts to build  transformative approaches to learning particularly in complex environments. 


Design and implementation of participatory M&E systems and processes.


Design of overall learning strategies linking visioning and planning with monitoring and evaluation for philanthropic program portfolios. 


Evaluation of  multi-site, complex change initiatives.


Design and facilitation of large and small convenings and workshops (both on and offline)  focused on providing dynamic and relational processes for collaboration, planning, learning and reflection.


Advisory and training in areas of emergent planning, collective leadership and participatory learning processes (both on and offline).


Adaptive planning processes/Emergent Theory of Change facilitation.


Individual and group coaching and facilitation.


Learning & evaluation support
Example projects and clients 

Learning system design

Advisory & facilitation

Evaluation partnerships

Partners and network

I draw on and connect with on the expertise and experience of a broad network of practitioners working in the fields of participatory and feminist evaluation, human and women’s rights and social justice and peacebuilding. I also co-founded Action Evaluation Collaborative, the New York City based consultancy focused on supporting learning and reflection for social change work.  

learning evaluation
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