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Conscious Living &      Parenting 

With Catherine Borgman-Arboleda


After many years of facilitating learning and strategy design across the globe as part of women’s rights and systems change efforts I came to see that the external changes we want to see in the world, from shifting awareness of injustice, to living a more meaningful life, to raising balanced kids, need to start with doing inner work on ourselves. By looking at our belief systems, the stories we tell ourselves, and the truths we are struggling to see, we are both able to find more peace and sovereignty in our own lives, as well bring greater wisdom, relational capacity and clarity of vision in service to the world.   As a coach and facilitator I draw on personal experiences,  training with world-renowned consciousness and parenting coaches, including Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Dr. Gabor Maté and my own immense curiosity.

I offer support to women desiring to live with more authenticity and freedom,  and parents struggling to find peace raising children who can find their unique voices and purpose. 

What is conscious coaching?

Conscious Coaching is unique, in that it fuses eastern philosophy and western psychology, a powerful combination that allows us to draw on the key teachings of wisdom traditions, and brings to light our beliefs, patterns and coping mechanisms in a holistic approach that brings about healing and transformation. The overall goal in conscious coaching is to help clients feel more free, confident, self-aware and connected to their authentic selves, in order to live lives of meaning and connection. In parenting, the focus is on the relationship between parent/child, and more specifically on the work that the parent can do so that their own internal wisdom surfaces as the key resource to support the growth of their children in who they are meant to be.

What does coaching with me look like?

As a coach and facilitator I draw on formal training, grounded in my unique experiences designing an independent and meaningful life on my own terms, and raising two bilingual daughters in different countries and cultures.


I am able to offer a safe, non judgmental space for women to explore the issues they believe are holding them back from living with more authenticity, purpose and freedom. I support them to develop new perspectives on parenting that can support their children in understanding themselves, and guide them into lives of less fear and more aligned, congruent purpose.


I start by getting to know a client, and help to identify the issues that are most important to work on. In subsequent sessions we address these issues, aiming to understand together what are the underlying beliefs and fears that contribute to difficult emotions, and practice the use of concrete tools that contribute to bringing about desired changes. Between sessions I give clients access to readings, podcasts and a series of reflection exercises and tools to contribute to growth, and ensure that new learning and awareness is integrated.

Some of the questions and themes clients are interested in exploring include:

I find that I am often angry or resentful, and am tired of living this way.

I’m often afraid of failing, or that I am not doing enough.

My teen is often defiant/angry and I’m afraid he/she is getting involved in high risk behaviors. I’m terrified and unsure where to turn.

I’m feel my child is not going to meet our expectations and I’m afraid, and don’t know what to do.

How can I feel less guilt, and more confidence as a parent?

I feel like my child and I are always fighting. I sometimes dread coming home! How can I bring more lightness and joy into our relationship?

I have been in a relationship for years, and something tells me I want more, but I am unsure what to do.

My child is often anxious/distracted/sad, etc. How can I better address these issues?

I have a dream I would like to follow, but I'm so afraid of failing, and letting myself and everyone down.

In addition, I am available for facilitating small groups wishing to work together on particular themes, and benefitting from exchange and solidarity with peers.

Coaching & Facilitation



Please contact me for a free exploratory consultation. Subsequent coaching sessions are priced based on a sliding scale, depending on geographic location and individual resources.

Thanks for your message!

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