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Parenting Alchemy
Consciously parenting adolescents  through doing our own work 

workshop to help you move from fear... to love and freedom.


My offering.


This workshop is targeted to parents who have struggled significantly with their teens, including those currently in or returning from residential treatment programs.


The work we do together will support you to better guide your young person, through a focus on your own growth as a parent. As Rumi says, "The would is where the Light enters you", and there are few wounds we feel as deeply as the struggles with our kids. So while no one would willingly choose this path, the pain is a calling to move ourselves to the next level, deepening our self-awareness,  our understanding of human development, our wisdom and our perspective on our own lives and that of our children.


Our time together will be an opportunity for sharing your fears and frustrations, as well as your learning with other parents who can uniquely understand your journey, and are poised to listen and comprehend. I've designed this program for parents like myself, who are committed to our own growth, to being uncomfortable and vulnerable sometimes, and looking hard at ourselves and our shadows in order to taste freedom. 



The workshop will last 8 weeks, from Mid-March to Mid-May and will include:

  • A weekly live call to learn new concepts, through the lens of Conscious Parenting, relate them to ongoing issues in your life, and connect with others.

  • An 8-week transformative program which will include tailored readings, podcasts, and reflection exercises to help with integration of the concepts and tools. 

  • A discussion group which I will use to check-in, and for people to share any challenges or reflections throughout the week.

  • Optional peer calls during the week, to deepen connection with other parents.

  • The opportunity for one on one check ins with me for specifically challenging issues.


  • Weekly attendance (I understand life happens)

  • A commitment to your own growth!


  • $300 (due upon enrollment or 2 payments of $150)


About Me.

I am a parent like you who has two teenage daughters, 17 and 13. My struggles with my older daughter have brought me into intimate contact with most of the issues that often bring families into crisis, including substance misuse, eating disorders, high-risk behavior, self-harm and depression. My journey led me to certify as a Conscious Parenting Coach, as well as to a year-long program with Dr. Gabor Maté which strengthened my understanding of what it takes to heal, and my skills in using somatic, mind, body, spirit approaches for personal transformation. I'm a dedicated student of wisdom teachings, including those of Thomas Hubl, Tara Brach, and many others. I bring a background of many years working in women's rights and empowerment and leading and facilitating learning processes for large international foundations. My commitment is to support people to come closer to the truth about themselves and their lives in order to bring about greater consciousness. Please see more about my journey here...

Catherine’s knowledge, experience and passion for teaching conscious parenting creates a safe place to learn and share. Her teaching is full of wisdom. Her resources and materials were helpful and worth reviewing for class and for life. I highly recommend her course. 

"It was an incredible resource to hear from other parents going through the very similar situations to my own. It’s such a sensitive and personal topic that very rarely would this opportunity be presented"

Here are what others have said about my Conscious Parenting workshops.....

"The tools and resources provided a very helpful framework for understanding the importance of our own traumas so that we can better support and parent our kids in ways that honor who they are"

"The workshop provided so much to think about, so many different angles to look at, and I found a lot of inspiration in the leader and group members. It inspired me in many ways especially in focusing on more compassion/ curiosity towards myself and my son and less judgement and fear"

"So much more than conscious parenting. As someone who is exceedingly self-aware and has already been working for years on resolving issues, I wasn't sure what I would get out of these sessions. So grateful I was so wrong! The sessions were not only incredibly helpful in terms of my parenting, but I can apply the tools to every challenge in my life. Having guided support from Catherine and the other participants made a huge difference. I am excited to continue to be a part of this supportive community!"

Catherine introduced Conscious Parenting in such a thoughtful, powerful way, seamlessly guiding our group discussions and activities, empowering everyone in the group to process and implement the practices right away. She created a warm, safe, open, environment with so many interesting perspectives and loads of positive energy. She also carefully curated a terrific collection of resources!

"It was so helpful and supportive to connect with other parents around conscious parenting , learn the main principles of Conscious Parenting, and hear other's stories and learn from them."

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