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NEW! Conscious Parenting Ongoing Support and Learning Membership 

Facilitated by a coach certified in Conscious Parenting, dig into key themes and share and learn in a safe space with other like-minded moms (and a maybe a few dads!) of pre-teens and teens.

 Are you struggling with your pre-teen/teen, and unsure where to turn? Do you sense that you could feel better in your role as a parent?  

Catherine’s knowledge, experience and passion for teaching conscious parenting creates a safe place to learn and share. Her teaching is full of wisdom. Her resources and materials were helpful and worth reviewing for class and for life. I highly recommend her course. 

"It was an incredible resource to hear from other parents going through the very similar situations to my own. It’s such a sensitive and personal topic that very rarely would this opportunity be presented"

Are you intrigued about  Conscious Parenting​, or interested in deepening your understanding and better implementing learning? Would you like a safe space to share your struggles and successes with other parents? Are you interested in committing to your own growth and authenticity? If so, then this membership is for you!

Here are what others have said about my Conscious Parenting workshops.....

"The tools and resources provided a very helpful framework for understanding the importance of our own traumas so that we can better support and parent our kids in ways that honor who they are"

"The workshop provided so much to think about, so many different angles to look at, and I found a lot of inspiration in the leader and group members. It inspired me in many ways especially in focusing on more compassion/ curiosity towards myself and my son and less judgement and fear"

Catherine introduced Conscious Parenting in such a thoughtful, powerful way, seamlessly guiding our group discussions and activities, empowering everyone in the group to process and implement the practices right away. She created a warm, safe, open, environment with so many interesting perspectives and loads of positive energy. She also carefully curated a terrific collection of resources!

"So much more than conscious parenting. As someone who is exceedingly self-aware and has already been working for years on resolving issues, I wasn't sure what I would get out of these sessions. So grateful I was so wrong! The sessions were not only incredibly helpful in terms of my parenting, but I can apply the tools to every challenge in my life. Having guided support from Catherine and the other participants made a huge difference. I am excited to continue to be a part of this supportive community!"

"It was so helpful and supportive to connect with other parents around conscious parenting , learn the main principles of Conscious Parenting, and hear other's stories and learn from them."

The Conscious Parenting Membership Program

Key components



Groups will have no more than 10 other parents, and meet 2 times per month, for two hours (sessions will be recorded). There will be a facilitated online discussion group, including opportunities for Q & A, and weekly assignments and curated resources related to the learning topics and themes that arise. 



Through the framework of Conscious Parenting, and drawing on other experts and wisdom teachers, we will look at: understanding your triggers and emotional landscape, understanding your child's authentic needs, developing connection,  communicating

 effectively, influencing and guiding your child.


Peer sharing and support 

On-going connection with other parents facing similar issues, in a safe space, with structured opportunities for deeper connection and trust-building 



Catherine is certified in Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali Tsabary and is completing training with Gabor Maté in his Compassionate Inquiry approach. She is also certified in the Center for Motivation and Change's methodology to support parents of children struggling with addiction. 

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Parents of tweens and teens dealing with the struggles of this developmental stage, and those facing more "crisis" issues - mental health,   substance abuse, school refusal, etc.  


Cost & Sign-up! 

$100/month for a minimum of two months.



We will be starting mid-July!

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