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Conscious Parenting Workshop!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I will be facilitating a free ONLINE Conscious Parenting

group/workshop starting the week of May 8th. There will be four sessions (one per week) and the focus will be on the following:

  • Basic concepts of Conscious Parenting

  • Strengthening awareness of our emotions, triggers and patterns

  • Working with our bodies to better understand ourselves and how to regulate/process our emotions.

  • Deconstructing our beliefs (often unconscious) that are at the root of many of our challenges.

  • Developing our ability to respond rather than react, and most effectively connect and communicate with our kids.

  • Understanding the role of boundaries, and how to set them.

  • The most effective role we can play to support and guide our children.

  • Learning how we can have less anxiety and more joy iin our lives as we raise our children.

The group will be structured workshop-style, with opportunities for sharing and co-learning in pairs/smaller groups, and will include readings, podcasts and some brief assignments to support reflection.

The workshop will be held three times a week, for 1.5 hours, for four weeks.

  • Tuesday at 6:30 pm ET (Will start May 9)

  • Friday at 12:30 pm ET (Will start May 12)

  • Saturday at 5 pm ET (Will start May 13)

(Ideally you choose a time and stick with it, but you can attend other sessions if something comes up…)

I am offering this group/workshop focused on Conscious Parenting as part of my desire to share the knowledge and wisdom that has been life changing on my own path as a mother and woman. I have facilitated collective learning spaces for many years, and there is more about my training, interests and background here.

Please email if you are interested at and let me know what time slot might work best for you. I’m also more than happy to answer any questions. (Note that I am capping numbers at about 10 per session)

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