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9 Core Qualities of Conscious Parenting

  • TRUST- I have my child’s back, and my child knows that I am a safe, non-judgmental, supportive force in her life. My child can be vulnerable with me.

  • HONESTY/TRANSPARENCY - I believe my child has the right to hear the truth and is able to handle it. I am transparent to the degree that is developmentally appropriate.

  • EMOTIONAL CONNECTION - I understand that the connection between my child and I is more important than “teaching” and “molding”. My child senses that the love for her is not conditioned on what she does or doesn’t do, or her “accomplishments” or “struggles”.

  • RECEPTIVITY - I am open to, and take time, for hearing new ideas and perspectives from my child, and shifting my opinions based on this new information.

  • SELF-AWARENESS/GROWTH - I am doing the work to understand who I am underneath the stories, struggles, and conditioning of life, and am learning to have self-compassion and see myself as inherently worthy.

  • SOVEREIGNTY - I act with the recognition that my child’s life has its own blueprint and she has the right to her own journey. I am just here to accompany and support; I do not see her as a reflection of my worth as a parent, nor is she my project.

  • BOUNDARIES - I create boundaries based on my values (not my ego) and my child’s needs, and enforce them without eroding our connection. I recognize that boundaries are not intended to control my child, but to reinforce the few things that I feel are important.

  • RESPECT - I believe in my child’s intrinsic worth as a human being and bring this recognition to my interactions with her, honoring this belief even when needing to hold strong boundaries and dealing with heated situations.

  • PRESENCE - I recognize that the biggest gift I can give my child is my presence, where i spend time just being with her, agenda-less.

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